The 5th meeting of the Test and certification Group of SparkLink Alliance


On the May 2022 26, more than 50 experts attended the fifth meeting of the Test and Certification Group, SparkLink Alliance. The meeting was chaired by group leader WANG Zhiwei, Senior Engineer, Department of IoT Technology of China Telecommunication Technology Lab (TTL) of CAICT. It was also joined by deputy group leader ZHAO Xiangyang, Network Technology Laboratory of Internet of Things (IoT) Center, CIETTS.

During the meeting, the secretariat introduced the work plan of the SparkLink Alliance this year. Particularly, the alliance will focus on establishing SparkLink certificate system and will issue the first certification in the second half year of 2022. Mr. WANG Zhiwei presented the key works of the Testing and Certification working group in this year in detail, including certification preparation, implementation and website construction. Then, Mr. ZHAO Xiangyang shared the test analysis of short range wireless technology and put forward suggestions for the test of SparkLink devices. After that, StarPoint, iTest Tech. and CICT mobile shared necessity of SparkLink certification, SparkLink test scenarios and test solutions from the perspective of instrument manufacturers, including the available test instruments and their latest development.

The group members were actively involved into discussion of the materials and the presentation. According to conclusion reached at the meeting, the Alliance will officially launch the work for testing and certification in the near future, and a public call for test certification platform and equipment is announced.