SparkLink Flashes New Short Range Wireless Communications for Vehicles in CICV2022


On August 1, the 9th International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Annual Conference was held during the 2022 International (Etown) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Science and Technology Week in Beijing. This event, which is themed as “Innovative Strategy • Cross-board Fusion • Coordinated Development”, focuses on the new automobile industry ecology with integration of the next generation of artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation, information communications and smart energy and bring together the world's top experts and policy makers.

In the technology sharing session, Mr. Wang Zhiwei, head of SparkLink Alliance’s Test and Certification Group and Senior Engineer of CAICT, presented SparkLink as a new technology for vehicle cockpit communication and more during his talk of vehicle wireless short-range technologies. He said that emerging vehicle applications pose challenges to existing wireless short-range technologies because these new scenarios focus more on user experience. Besides bandwidth and energy consumption, more requirements are put forward in terms of lower latency, higher reliability, more concurrency and clock synchronization. By taking large bandwidth and low energy consumption into account, the SparkLink wireless short-range technology provides standardized technical support and brings better use experience regarding reliability, synchronization, concurrency, and low-latency for emerging application scenarios. It provides unique technical advantages in implementing high-value scene applications in and out of the vehicles, such as active noise reduction, interactive screen casting, surround view of environment and surround sound field

As the leader of Test and Certification Group of SparkLink Alliance, Zhiwei is committed to establish the SparkLink test system and promote the SparkLink technology. The presentation highlights automotive industrial partners the commercial value and technical advantage of the SparkLink technology.