SparkLink’s Cool-tech Sparks World Internet Conference at Wuzhen


The 2022 World Internet Conference (WIC) & Light of Internet Expo was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, on Nov. 8. The three-day event was co-hosted by the WIC and the government of Zhejiang Province with supported of the State Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

SparkLink Alliance demonstrated SparkLink 360-degree surround view system for commercial vehicles, SparkLink wireless motor high-precision synchronized control, and the SparkLink 4K HD wireless projection at the Wuzhen Summit. The is hosted SparkLink Alliance and Beijing Sylincom Co., Ltd.

SparkLink 360-degree Surround View System for Commercial Vehicles

The SparkLink 360-degree surround view system which is jointly developed by Eagle Tech. and Huawei was zoomed in spot light and was officially reported by the summit. The SparkLink-based system provides driver with real-time environmental information around the vehicle and road information. The SparkLink-based ultra-low latency video transmission and upper layer images stitch algorithm make video information timely, less stutter and blurred screen, which provides safe-driving. Visitors exchanged in-depth about cost, deployment and image stitch with on-site attendants of the alliance.

SparkLink Motor High-precision Synchronized Control System

The SparkLink wireless motor high-precision synchronized control prototype is jointly developed by China Mobile, AI-Link Network and Huawei. The system demonstrates control of gear by servomotors for synchronized motion by using ultra-high precision synchronization capability of the SparkLink technology. Visitors had in-depth technical discussion with exhibitors of the alliance on topics of business needs of lathes and motors, control accuracy, time delay and communication reliability of the industrial equipment.

SparkLink 4K HD Wireless projection

Lenovo, Sylincom and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly developed the SparkLink 4K HD wireless projection system, which allows users to get a smooth stutter-free HD wireless projection experience. The SparkLink wireless projection can be widely used in car cockpit, office meeting, home audio and video, camping, large-scale activities, and sport events. The market value and prospects are generally optimistic.

About detail information of the SparkLink 360-degree surround view system for commercial vehicles, the SparkLink wireless motor high-precision synchronized control, and the SparkLink 4K HD wireless projection, please refer to the special session on “SparkLink Industry Summit 2022 – SparkLink innovation prototype and applications demo” in the official account of SparkLink Alliance.